Thank you. Thank you for all your work. Because of you, 95,000 of our friends, neighbors and families have received food.


I know we’re all watching rising COVID case counts.  Let me share with you the steps that Culture Aid NOLA is taking to mitigate risk while we serve our neighbors.


Culture Aid NOLA has a COVID-19 best practices plan, developed in partnership with an epidemiologist. The basics of this plan call for maintaining social distance, requiring mask wearing, washing and sanitizing hands frequently, wearing and changing gloves, symptom checks, and notifications.


Our COVID-19 best practices plan also includes a provision for switching out a team for 2 weeks without having to stop  service. If someone on the team has a Covid-like illness or has a Covid positive test result, we are prepared to swap all team members from that shift for a minimum of two weeks, and help coordinate testing before they return to site. We have a fully staffed relief leadership team, and are building a roster of additional volunteers. We will keep all issues anonymous, and will not share any names if we have to notify team members. In case of a need to switch teams, you will receive an email and a text message.


When volunteers arrive on site, we ask them to perform a symptom and temperature check each time. Additionally, through our volunteer registration process we have developed a way to notify all volunteers on a shift if there are any safety issues.


With New Orleans recently seeing higher case rates, we are activating the next steps of our plan: 


  • Volunteers are encouraged to get tested at least once a week, a list of free testing sites can be found at
  • Food must be placed only in trunks to minimize contact. If someone is unable to access their trunk, they will be directed to park and go through the walkup line to pick up their groceries. CAN staff members are responsible for communicating this to drivers. So far, everyone has understood the need for this.
  • Volunteers are asked to work only one shift a week, either Wednesdays or Saturdays. 
  • If a volunteer has a known exposure, they are asked to refrain from volunteering for 14 days.


No plan is ever perfect, but we believe that by communicating openly and honestly, we can work together to serve our neighbors. 


Our mission depends on trust. Trust that you will tell us if something happens, and trust that we will continue service to our neighbors, who trust that we will treat them with dignity and respect. 


We’re grateful everyday for your support, your effort, your sweat and your time.


Please contact [email protected] with any questions or concerns.