We're so proud of our 2023 partnership between Imagine Water Works and Culture Aid NOLA to distribute storm-preparedness supplies and important resources to our community each Wednesday in July!

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 July Supply 2022

Last year's one-day event brought Culture Aid NOLA's model of barrier-free mass distribution to a new arena- preparing local families with supplies to have in the first 72 hours after a storm thanks to partnerships with non-profits from across the country and a $50,000 grant from The Center for Disaster Philanthropy. You can read about the event and view a photo gallery on Nola.com, or view our coverage from WDSUWGNO or Fox Weather

Together we served $738,176 worth of goods to 2,000 families with the help of 924 volunteer hours!



July Supply 2022 was made possible by partners including: The American Logistics Aid NetworkBastion Community of Resilience, Can’d AidThe Center For Disaster Philanthropy,  Conscious Alliance, Crescent CareSecond Harvest, Mayor LaToya CantrellNolaReady, Good360Governor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, VFW post 8973, , Louisiana Fish Fry and Juan LaFonta.

photos by James Cullen