Why Culture Aid Nola?

Culture Aid NOLA (CAN) is a collaborative relief effort of several local non-profits in the culture and hospitality sectors uniting to provide direct assistance, resources and information to underserved members of the community. We offer no-barrier aid to all who need our help, reaching those most vulnerable, who would be otherwise unable to access assistance.

CAN’s model is primarily based around food distribution, to meet the most basic needs of the city’s culture-bearers, service industry workers and all others who have been affected by the social, medical and economic impact of the pandemic on New Orleans. Our primary point of community support manifests as multiple direct food-relief sites operated on a weekly basis throughout the city’s most vulnerable neighborhoods.

Those neighborhood sites also provide opportunities for wrap-around services offered by our partners. One of the things that really sets us apart from COVID-19 Relief food sourcing projects is the depth and wealth of experience that we bring to the table. The groups that form CAN are all nonprofits with long-standing connections to the communities served and the pre-existing barriers those communities face with regard to aid. For instance, we partner with 504 Health Net to ensure that everyone who receives food also gets information on how to sign up for health services at a neighborhood clinic and coverage. Our partners at the New Orleans Musicians’ Clinic deliver COVID-19 informational one-pagers with each food box which are reliable sources of relevant and timely information. Those we serve can be connected to farmers markets that take SNAP benefits, produce guides to help our community members access other forms of aid with our partners at MACCNO and some advocacy for cultural groups that are being left behind. This organizational leadership combines with several decades of experience in disaster response and community resilience - and knows to prioritize the acute, short term community needs while creating a sustainable model for the long recovery ahead.


To receive CAN aid, we require no income verification, proof of work history or paperwork of any kind. There are many reasons such preconditions can prevent people from getting what they need: maybe they don't have ID; maybe they're unbanked; maybe they're undocumented. Maybe they're just not comfortable filling things out or they're not computer literate. The needs of those individuals, families and households in these uncertain times are complex. Because of this, CAN and its partners are building a comprehensive model for providing food, access to health care resources and information and assistance navigating government bureaucracies.   


CAN’s goal is to create an intentional and sustainable model to keep relief dollars local, supporting not only individuals but also struggling businesses that contribute to the entire cultural industry. As an example: CAN’s model is to purchase food from local wholesalers and farmers, when possible, instead of seeking food donations. It is important to support these businesses so their workers can weather these uncertain times and ensure the supply chains keep running and are ready when the crisis has lessened. This also takes pressure off the existing pantry network and builds infrastructure so that when restaurants are ready to reopen, local farmers and wholesale

rs are still there.




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